What about lspci and lsusb missing in SFOS?

What about lspci and lsusb missing in SFOS?

pkcon search lspci


pkcon search lsusb

Can you give me some information.


I used the lspci for debian arm64 with its libpci.so.3 but it is uselss because /proc/bus/pci is missing

pkcon search usbutils

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Thanks but useless, it does not show up no any information.

Works fine for me.  

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Which device and SFOS version? Mine X10II with

/sys/bus/usb/devices/ is empty on my XA2 and X (wo reboot)…
EDIT: reboot alone doesn’t change anything…

This has always been working when i have tried it over the years. Xperia 10 III at this time, but not very relevant.
Mind that lsusb will (correctly) show no devices until any are plugged in.

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Why do I see my XA2 on the PC and on the XA2 I don’t even see a root hub? What is missing?

Presumably lsusb applies only to host mode.

I am surprised that the smartphone itself has nothing connected to USB but under certain PoV, it makes sense: everything is on the SoC and there is no reason to use USB like in the laptop for which every manufacter wish to attach their own periferals (e.g. webcam).