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Hello everyone. I would like to find out, if the ergonomics of the SFOS keyboard layout have an issue and ideally how they could be improved.

At times I find myself stumble typing nonsense on the keyboard and am not sure if that’s my haste or clumsy fingers or probably an issue with the ergonomics of the layout itself. My impression is that too often adjacent letters instead of the targeted ones are registering the touch.
On TJC there are a few entries about that question (1, 2).

Subjective or objective?

I’d like to know if this is a general problem or if only a few people experience it. So let’s do a poll.

Do you have any issues correctly typing on your Sailfish phone?

  • Nah, works fine
  • Well, sometimes typing correctly is hard
  • Yrs, virtually alk the.yime

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On which device?*

  • The First One
  • Jolla C
  • Jolla Tablet
  • Aqua Fish
  • Xperia X
  • Xperia XA2
  • Xperia 10
  • Gemini
  • Inoi Tablet

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*should be all supported devices, right?

Any Ideas?

Maybe some of you have some ideas for a good virtual keyboard layouts less prone to typos.
Can you compare the SFOS virtual keyboard with other keyboard systems you know (and are actively using)?


okboard helps …


TBH i cant tell if its me fat-fingering or its something with the keyboard. But i don’t type much on my mobile (practice/experience) so its more likely me.

Duh! I realized the second poll only makes sense when restricting it to one option. e.g. ‘If you’re triping a lot while typing: what phone do you use?’

I’ll see if this can be fixed, tomorrow…

I came here just to give okboard another thumbs up. Great little addition - Jolla should seriously consider working with the author to incorporate functions into Sailfish. The sliding Swype keyboard was something I really missed moving from Nokia to Jolla a few years ago, but okboard fills this gap nicely.

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I like the BlackBerry virtual keyboard soo much that I created a patch for it you can find on patchmanager. With it I can type with less issues. That is not everyones cup of tea but I think one of the changes it does is making the spacebar bigger which helps a lot already.


I vited yesterday night.
And I could inky sekect one modek.

Si I went for the latest XA2.
But I di had/gave this on Jolla1/JollaC as well!
Nit so much on Tabket but hardky used fir typing much…

This post is written ‘blindky’ on XA2 with stocj SFOS briwser! Without post editing :smiley:

And even it tokk me quite sime time to get used ti the default N9 virtual keyboard and had some priblens there tii.
It was definitely not that bad as using the Jilla virtual keyboard typing this one here.
This time nit blindly but also without post editing.


BTW this poll is only visible and active for registered user.
So the topic title ‘anonymous’ does not really apply! :sunglasses:

@jollaadmin is there a poll possibility to open up this for guests?
To get a higher base?

I’m still unsing SFOS Has it any sense if I fill out this poll? or is it meant for the new SFOS 3.4?

edit: I did now fill out the poll. I am happy with the keyboard and I’m always using a stylus.
In landscape mode it’s also no problem to use the keyboard with the fingers, but in portrait mode it’s a little bit narrow, but with a stylus it is no problem.

For me it is mainly missing the spacebar. So a lot of new compounded words with c,v,b instead of space is stored. The only other key i miss frequently is the rightmost in the top row independent of layout. So this I suspect is tuneable. I just started to use my xa2plus, which is even larger. OKBoard is not working well with its dimensions. But will try allow split spacebar in landscape .


The release notes don’t mention any changes to keyboard components. So 3.3 or 3.4 doesn’t matter

I would even go that far to say it does not matter SFOS1, SFOS2 or SFOS3.

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