Weird data usage for internet sharing Xperia 10 III

I have an Xperia 10 III with Lebara (Australia) SIM in Slot 1 and an AIS (Thailand) SIM in slot 2.

Data from the Lebara SIM works OK.

I have an iPhone which I also use for my European SIM (no roaming) and in this case, I left my iPhone connected via the SFOS hotspot to the Lebara SIM. Data was consumed at a constant rate until ca 5GB were gone (Edit: Total amount according to data counters indicator) I have no idea why, I didn’t download or upload movies or anything even close to that amount of data.

The flat top graph suggests something strange but impossible to determine what caused it. I was asleep for half of the time and no data should have been used. iOS wasn’t updated during the night.

Any clues what could have eaten my data?

Edit: I should add that in and .72 various combinations of turning on/off internet sharing, wifi and data cause loops from which the only escape is rebooting the machine. This functionality is terminally broken. Turning on/off data, wifi and sharing is a requirement in high cost data areas

Well, it could have been

  • a number of things on SFOS itself (although except for the “back up to cloud” functionality not many things run automatically, or transfer significant amounts of data),
  • or anything running under Android Support if that was installed and switched on
  • plus additionally anything running on the iPhone
  • or any other device which has the access to the AP (e.g. a Windows computer waking up for updates).

So, it’s kinda hard to answer this :wink:

Hmm the recived data is about 663 megabyte and the transmitted is about 1 548 megabytes from 10:28 to 04:28

Unlikely Windows updates since that is the second Tuesday in the month.

I have a Mac and it doesn’t connect to the SFOS device. Also, one needs to count uploads as well. I have no idea why there are uploads all night.

Maybe it is a graphing artifact and I simply used the data sporadically over the few days and it ran out normally, but the graph sure looks strange.

I don’t think it is SFOS actually
Android is off
iCloud backup, it’s turned off and background app update as well.
No idea if Mail wakes up to download as there is no obvious setting
My Mac doesn’t have access to the SFOS data

I’ll close this unless it shows up again. I must be off to buy more data

I found the log from the SIM. It was quite busy while I was sleeping :frowning:

Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 23.45.21

Looks like BitTorrent (or any P2P file sharing): simultaneous download and upload at a limited but constant speed.

Change your Hotspot’s password or name to get rid of unwanted clients.

There are no other clients and it’s unguessable. I thought of that and I have changed it