Webapps support - pin webapps/websites to app grid

As we all know Sailfish OS needs more apps. But several service are also running as a website. So what about a browser feature to install websites/webapps so that are pinned to the app grid and also use such features like caching, notifications etc.?
(Maybe the browser itself needs more updates and amore actual engine itself for supporting that…)

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It’s already possible to pin websites to app grid. You can do it by long pressing on website added to favourite. From context menu choose “Add to app grid”.
Jolla is working on next web engine update. This time to gecko 60.


Oh, thanx, I didn’t know that.
But in the end this is still just pinning a bookmark to app grid that just opens the browser.

Yes, but it was part of your question.

Sure. I just wanted to state (especially for other readers) that just pinning the link to app grid isn’t the same like installing a Webapp.

Actually it is, but of course it is nicer if the webapp does work…

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