Weather app not working, lets fix it Newbs! MeeCast!

Now because, apparently Jolla is not on top of things with SailFish and the Weather app does not work out of the box. FIX IT JOLLA!!!

Here is the solution, that took me hours to figure out, wasted time I never will get back and as usual we Hack the Planet these days.

Go install the StoreMan installer from here, you might need to turn on third party for installation, can’t remember if it is needed. But at least get it installed. Go into Storage in the Mobil Settings and find the file from there and install it or after download push it to quickly install from there.

Just uninstall the standard blue white icon Weather app in SailFish - We need another app called MeeCast, it is found both in Jolla Store or in StoreMan but install it from the later. Set your location inside the app so you have some weather data in it :slight_smile: If it has issues installing MeeCast try restarting the mobile and try again in StoreMan.

Then find “Meecast Event View” in StoreMan and install it and now your weather data should be found in the events screen and one single day info on the lock screen :slight_smile:

Remember to turn on the Weather in Events View in the Mobile Settings if you can’t see it.

Again sometimes this SailFish does not work, and you have to restart the mobile to get things working or something. But this should work, at least you are on the right direction. :slight_smile:

And some times you need to just toy with things and at some point it starts working in these absolutely digital illogical analog woman days of insanity.

– Darkijah


I find your how-to helpfull

but i also think you should google narcism

just in case there is a blind spot



We should not use Google…
Alternative search engines, get rid of Evil Wicked Google!!! -

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Just write if you have an issue with something. But sometimes you just need to toy around with the stuff and all of the sudden it works. Like doing the same thing can sometimes in these days of madness actually make another outcome. Woman madness, but that is how it is these days of time.

Thanks for this. Works great on Xperia 10 II.

I’m not a newbie, but running out of time to fix the simplest things myself :wink: Any Idea how to change the icons too? These meecast icons are really ugly…

You have different options of icons inside MeeCast, Settings (pull down inside the app as it goes), push Appearance, push Icon set. If it is the Sun, Moon, Rain and stuff? I use the icon set to Tango myself for the moment but overall there is 11 options to go with.

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Oh, thanks again!!! Didn’t found this before, because the german word was ‘Symbolsatz’ and I searched for anything with Icons. I use “noun” now - it’s simple and nice :slight_smile:

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Nice, yea I have not tried them all out. But did not like the first set of icons myself. Just trying out noun myself. I’m new to SailFish so… Only had it for less then a week and trying to sort out things.

Sorted out the SailFish Password nuisance as well, with a patch SailFish for flashing although I might look into updating the name of the account. The guy that made the Script said it could be done.

The System looks interesting for sure, but surely not on top on things yet.

Glad to be of help.
– Darkijah

Other icons are available in Storeman under ‘Ambiences & Themes’ category. But they are old. E.g. ‘Boston icon theme’ doesn’t install on X10 / SFOS and grumbles about a missing library. ‘N9ish icons’ requests ‘harbour-themepacksupport’ >= 0.0.8-1. Will try to install and report later.

edit: At ‘Boston icon theme’ there is a complex installing guide in the description. I’m too lazy for this but maybe an option for you @h.berd ? Also no idea if this old thing will work on modern 64 bit phone. Would be fantastic to have Boston Icon Theme available for 64 bit devices!


Thanks for your reply, but I’m complete fine with the noun icons now. They are simple enough and without color :wink:

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Yea I just found the black and white Theme for the phone on StoreMan, seems pretty nice overall. I guess you might be running that?
I have 5 Ambiences at the moment - not sure why it would not just be called Themes, that seems to be the standard word used all over.
Anyway. Found the White on Black and the White ambience on the App of StoreMan.
I do Like the standard Rolling Theme with the Northen starts going counterclock, deleted most of the themes so only have 5 at the moment. Just need something I like while trying the phone out.

White on Black
White Ambient

Are the ones I have for the moment, Fresh might be uninstalled. But I really like the White on Black and it seems it is rather popular as well looking at StoreMan. White Ambient is said to be helpful in a lot of Sunlight although not tested it yet.

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Here you go, you people who have issues with the weather app.