Weather app locations (phone vs foreca website)

If you use the search on the foreca website ( there are many locations that are not available on the device search.

What stops these locations from appearing when searching on the phone?

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Good point, there are also a fair number of duplicate locations.

I am uncertain whether this is the right thread or the duplication locations thread is correct, and I only just noticed this issue, so do not in which version it first appeared.

Because I’ve upgraded my phone and have not moved, my weather location is fine. But I am reflashing my wife’s phone and when selecting our town of Plainfield, there are three in the U.S. and the state is not listed. It used to be. I would see Plainfield, Illinois, United States, Plainfield, Indiana and Plainfield, New Jersey.

I had to select all three and find the current temperature that matched the display on my phone.

If this is something that would benefit other users, please consider restoring this additional detail. If it’s just a U.S. thing, then I understand we’re not a target market and I will live through it.

Thank you.