Weather app is not showing daily report per hour

it will be great to have the chance to see the weather report every hour. It will be great that we dont need to go to browser to get that info.
And also will be great to have like 3 days report witth the daily hours report.


Simply click on “FORECA” in the events-view under the 5-days weather forecast. Then you will see your dailay report per hour.
Same Click on “FORECA” in the weather app.

but it is through the web browser, isnt?

Why is this a problem?

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hej s-mario.i dont think is a problem. is just a suggestions of how to do a better app. cause otherwise I can just use the browser straight away without the need of using an app.


@s_mario There are no visual cues how to access to more information for the average laymen and to be concise, inefficient design.

@delocoyo I agree, the weather app is extremely poorly designed.

The amount of under utilised space when only one location is added is hilarious. Especially users don’t have add multiple locations to a weather app as shown in the demo screenshots… :sweat_smile:

At the bottom, a lot more information can be displayed such as detailed current time weather break downs.

Such as:

Here, showing weekly weather makes little sense in terms of information efficiency. Sure, this is similiar how it was displayed in a prominent Windows Phone App - Amazing Weather HD. However that was on the lock screen, users had the option of seeing hourly weather on a large rectangular live tile. Additionally, users still had the option of seeing hourly weather on the lock screen as well.

Given Sailfish doesn’t really have the UX advantage of Live tiles for information efficiency, hourly weather should be displayed here by default.

A setting to display weekly weather should be added for those who prefer that option. Additionally for more flexibility, allowing user to display both weekly weather and hourly weather would also help.

The above improvements would make the weather app alot more useful.


@ TechFreak1
Simply tap on FORECA and you will get more information.
But you can also make everything a problem.

Indeed the Sailfish UX provides much higher information efficiency via interactive cover

Sailfish Weather does not refresh/update hourly, IIRC, it is every 3 hours.

For a little cheap bit of fun, I like to populate my list of locations with smutty place names;

Or, you could build your own using’s API. I now have weather updated every 10 minutes on my lockscreen. Reliable and accurate, well more so than the Foreca app.

I think the request did not aim at hourly refreshing but hourly forecast

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In 3.4.0, the weather widget in the Events screen has been changed so that it now shows the weather every 3 hours. It’s pretty nice. However, it seems someone forgot to copy that code to the Weather application itself, because there you can still only see the weekly forecast. Also, now you can no longer have the weekly forecast on the Events screen. I guess it’s still a work in progress, because it doesn’t really make sense to have the functionality split between an (optional) widget and the application itself.

In my opinion, ideally, the way the weather displays in the Events screen would be a setting where you can either choose for the weekly forecast, or the (3-)hourly forecast. The Weather application can display anything and wouldn’t need such a setting.

Edit: apparently switching between the 3-hourly and weekly forecast in the Events screen is as simple as tapping on the widget! Still needs to be added to the Weather application itself, though.

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