Weather-App and Widget Connection Problem

Why not start using api.


Would it make sense to post a Feature Request for changing the weather service provider?

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This does not fall under false advertising. First of all, Sailfish OS is not even a product being sold, it is literally free to use. Secondly, there is no intent to deceive. The functionality exists and has existed for many years, but is simply temporarily unavailable. Thirdly, this report is marked as tracked by Jolla, and there’s even a comment by a Jolla employee that they’re looking into it.

Save the big talk for when it’s needed.

  1. Free, really? Have you seen
  2. I’m using Sailfish OS for 4 years, so for me 40+ days of unavailability means ~3% service disruption. Could we call it “temporary”?
  3. Tracked, yes. The last and only comment from Jolla was on 25th of August (more than 40 days ago). I was able to obtain a free/test API key from Foreca within an hour (it could be longer for a corporate subscriber like Jolla, I admit…).

Anyway, seeing the likes (and lack of likes) on our posts, I’m in the minority with my opinion. So I quit posting here anymore.

  1. I have. Where exactly have you seen “Weather application and widget” in the list of paid features?
  2. and 3. If you’ve been using Sailfish OS for 4 years, you know how often updates come. Should a Jolla employee post a comment on every tracked report every day about whether they’re still working on it or not? Or would every other day also be okay? If Jolla employed 10000 people and had fifteen billion euro cash to spend, it would be justified to complain that the problem still wasn’t fixed, but there’s only a few dozen people and no cash, and it still wouldn’t fall under false advertising either way.

This kind of ‘false advertising’ argument has come up before, specifically where a feature has been advertised by Jolla but doesn’t work, or hasn’t worked, properly from some time (in the previous case, for years).

As a lawyer specialising in contract law, I can say that @tice_rex is basically right, and such a situation would be likely to be classed under the law on misrepresentation. There are different statutes in the EU and in other countries, but the legal principle is always the same. If a person or company knowlingly represents a product to be capable of doing a, b, or c, and they also know that that product provably can’t do a, b or c then that person or company would be liable for any losses suffered by claimants as a result of that misrepresentation.

There are various classes of misrepresentation - fraudulent, innocent, negligent, etc - and depending upon which class applied would determine the scale of liability incurred by the person or company making the misrepresentation.

However, it is up to the claimant to prove any losses incurred as a direct result of the misrepresentation, and since the core Sailfish OS is free that would be a hard, although not impossible for consequential losses, thing to do.

You would have to be able to demonstrate that, for example, (a) your only source of weather information was the Sailfish OS in-built weather display, (b) that you could only rely on this function to, say, plan the harvest on your farm, and therefore that (c) because it no longer worked you lost your crop (which resulted in a consequential loss of whatever). If you couldn’t establish what is known as a ‘chain of causality’ (i.e. prove (a) and (b) and (c) in that order) from the misrepresented feature to a financial loss then there wouldn’t be much point in suing Jolla over this.

And since, from what I hear, Jolla currently may well be bankrupt anyway, even if you were successful in your legal action you would be unlikely ever to see any financial compensation.


Even though the legal risk to Jolla is low, there is an easy way for them to mitigate it - either they change their website so that it does not advertise functions that no longer work, or they publish somewhere else that certain features are temporarily unavailable. The key legal principle here is intent. If there is no intent to fix the weather, twitter feed, etc, either at all or for some considerable time, then they really should remove the advertising of these features as they are knowingly making the Sailfish product look more capable (and therefore attractive to users) than it really is. If there is an intent to fix such features within a reasonable timeframe then a notice to say that these functions were temporarily unavailable would remove all legal risk of misrepresentation.


How long time do you consider temporary and after what period you consider it permanently? Cause pretty sure it is going to be permanently, and in this case you are wrong…it is false advertising!!!

Do not worry…they are the fan boys, they do not have anything to do with reality. You can find them for every Brand: Apple, Tesla, etc. It doesn’t matter what shit the companies are doing, they cannot see further, cause their eyes are covered from it.


You do not understand the concept that WE payed a license that included features.Some of us, such as myself, multiple licenses. 1 euro, 5 euros or 10000 euros do not matter. We payed, we got it and now it is gone. That’s your argument that we payed too less? And the company has too few employees? So, when you buy a car that has heated seats, and the company has financial issues, it is ok that the featured that you payed dissapeares?!?! Incredible what logic you can find here lately.

There are too much blood for this weather display…
I am sure that Jolla can appreciate being compared with Tesla and Apple but that does not change the fact that they are struggling to survive, that they are a very small company especially to maintain a mobile OS, and that their plate is full with feature requests, bug fixes and other enhancements.
You can sue them for that false ads… You may win the case. Be aware that the time to go to trial, they may not exist anymore or you may help them go bankrupt for not displaying the weather…
I am not personally here to complain; I accept the troubles of having some issues sometimes with some of the OS. However, I much prefer that they exist.
They do their best, I am sure, and surviving is probably more in their mind currently than displaying the weather … while you actually can display it with meecast…


I accept as well that Sailfish has problems, but I do not accept that some people try to convince us that the problems are not there, when it is obvious that are. Or to accept them because it cost me nothing when in fact it cost me at least 40 euros, or the most stupid argument to accept the issues cause the company has too few employees.

No, you bought a license to be able to use Android apps. You can still use Sailfish OS in exactly the same way without Android apps if you don’t buy a license. Sailfish OS is not the product. Android App Support is the product, and has been for a few years already.
The more accurate comparison would be that the car was entirely free, and the only thing you paid for was the fuel. If the heated seats stopped working and took a while to get fixed, it would still have nothing to do with you paying for fuel. If the fuel stopped working, that would be a very big reason to complain.

It is quite interesting that you immediately call anyone who calls out nonsense claims a “fanboy”. Would you like me to call you a “hater” then, too? Or aren’t we a little too old to be throwing around playground insults?

By the way, ‘paid’ is written with ‘id’, not ‘yed’.


Life is much nicer if you don’t take minor inconveniences so deadly seriously. I don’t think anyone said you should accept all issues with Sailfish OS or even just this one. All that was said is that you’re getting incredibly worked up about something ultimately completely inconsequential, that is obviously going to be fixed as soon as the possibility arises.


Also exchange is bought through the jolla license and weird pediction for the keyboard


Let´s face the truth. We you get involve in sailfish, you have to accept this annoying nuances. It´s a small company having difficulties.
If you want a smoth operation go to apple… or a pixel. (i have one)
Sailfish is a building under works… in many ways. First of all because of the limited resources. And sadly it looks it won.t improve soon.
But… giving it our support, maybe in the future, it will be ready to compete toe to toe to those gigiants… and we will be ready to ditch the fxxx apple and android.


My Google account is Sebastian.matkovich, or at least i say that, because actually it might be sebastianmatkovich, because Google ignores dots, so i created an account on foreca without . And i got the mail with the new testaccount. So every month i will create an account with a . Placed somewhere in my mailaddress and i don’t have to create new addresses for that

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Or you could just use Firefox Relay

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On our XA2 and 10 III Dutch weather app Welkweer stopped giving info on sept. 30. What’s going on?

@Kea, you may want to report that at the right place: Welkweer’s OpenRepos page or even better as an issue for the Welkweer project at GitHub.