We need lootboxes in the Jolla Shop

My idea would be as this: one can by lootboxes in the shop, for like 10€ per thing. Most of the time you just get nothing special, but a vote (more on that below). And sometimes you get a T-Shirt, a free Sailfish X license, ToH Keyboard or whatever is hot and funky. Just for the mood.

But in the end it’s all about the votes. It’s a bit like democracy was in the 18th century: only the ones with money were about to elect. And now I have paid for a vote, so I can vote. And the thing I vote for is what a Sailor will do.

The community both complains and understands that Jolla does what their paying (platform) customers need, because that is what pays the bills. Now we are paying. Everyone can do a suggestion, then there is a (public) vote about what people want to see, and then Jolla can set a price on that. And if enough people with paid votes said “yes, I want this”, then it will be done. We have payed for this, right? :wink: It’s like free software bounties.

So, people say they want the old phone pickup gesture pack. Jolla says, ok, will cost 200 credits to get that as option in the releases. Now if enough people confirm that they want it then the votes of these people will be gone from their accounts, and it will be done for next release. If I severely need this and don’t care about the money then I can go and buy 200 lootboxes, get 2 T-Shirts and a cup, and can pay the whole feature alone. Or people will just pile up over time until the feature has enough votes. While the voting is not done I can always decide to withdraw my vote and put it somewhere else, and if a voting for a feature does not get enough votes in like say 4 weeks it is cancelled, the votes are moved back to the accounts, and it can be restarted only after the next release or whatever.


Maybe someday they can add some things to https://shop.jolla.com - could have some t-shirts or some stickers or some “low effort” items. right now I dont see it happening.

The t-shirts were asked for in 2018 as well, probably before that too as it was the first thing i found while searching.

Sure, lets go down that route

Yes and no. Mostly no.

And Gamification is for me a negative word, a good example is this reddit thread

I believe more in this idea:


I believe more in this idea:
Paid apps in Jolla Store

No, it’s not about us giving money to app developers. It’s about giving money to Jolla so we get them to hack on the features we want, in addition to the features they do because they do because they license partners pay them to do.

I’d love me some merch and vanity items, definitely… but please, no gamification.


First of all, the development of features is expensive! I’m not sure how far you would really get with the 200 credits from your example.

But let’s say there is a feature that a lot of people are ready to pay for. Why not actually do just bounties, as you suggested:

What’s better in your approach than in straight forward bounties?

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If there was an app store where Jolla took a small percentage of each sale, they would be getting revenue. And it would create incentive in the developer community to make more native applications and rely less on Android.

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Novel idea and worth exploring.

What I don’t get is the part of lootboxes?
Why not just purchase votes, say 10 euros a piece?

Who doesn’t need shirts? :wink:

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Hey, I’m not against SWAG, I’d purchase at least one Jolla t-shirt/hoodie immediately without a second thought! :slight_smile:

I was just pointing out that it is so much easier to arrange sale of intangibles like voting tokens.

Perhaps a good start would be for Jolla to offer SFOS to most of the world.

While they explicitly exclude all but a small corner of the worlds phone users from buying or downloading, it’s clear they have no interest in end user sales, or lots of users, and just want a small , manageable, userbase of testers.

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Does anybody know what size the sailfish community is? I think this is the striking pont. This describes the potential of the paying approach.

Greetings EWO