Waydroid Shared Folder

Any suggestions on how to form a shared folder between Sailfish and Waydroid? This suggests something, which I got to work once, but never again: Setting up a shared folder - Waydroid

What I thought worked for me initially was devel-su % mount -o bind /home/defaultuser/Transfer /home/waydroid/data/media/0/Transfer but never again. I’m no good with commands, so any tips please?


Enter on CLI as devel-su:

ln -s /home/waydroid/data/media/0/ /home/defaultuser/Android-Data

while Waydroid is up and running. So your Android data will be accessible from SFOS by using the link in your home directory. Waydroid must be up and running to access the data. If Waydroid is not up and running, a defect link is reported. If this happens, don’t worry, start Waydroid and then it will work again.

Use File Browser from Openrepos / Storeman, version 2.5.1-1, from 30.3.2022. The File Browser version from Jolla Shop is limited by Sailjail and can’t access all files and directories.


Beautiful, thank you!

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