WayDroid on SFOS?

did you uninstall via chum gui, that is rather painfull with the depending packages

Actually I don’t remember. There’s so many ways to install or uninstall applications these days … shell history suggests I used pkcon, but the packages of course came from Chum initially:

$ history | grep pkcon.*waydroid 
 233 pkcon search waydroid-runner
 235 pkcon remove waydroid-settings
 236 pkcon install waydroid-runner

hmm, i have no waydroid-settings installed

waydroid status says:

session and container are running
vendor type : HALIUM_10
session user: defaultuser(100000)
wayland display: …/…/display/wayland-1

and waydroid log

failed to get service waydroidplatform

[nemo@phone ~]$ waydroid status
Session:        RUNNING
Container:      RUNNING
Vendor type:    HALIUM_10
Session user:   nemo(100000)
Wayland display:        ../../display/wayland-2

Looks similar to me …
If the status says that both session and container are running, have you ever tried starting the UI with waydroid show-full-ui via a terminal/ssh? This is actually how I used waydroid until the launcher worked.

Yup i did