Waydroid Bluetooth Passthrough possibe?

For unofficial Sailfish-Ports users like me (using the wonderful XZ2 Compact Tama Port) Waydroid offers a good solution when in need of special Android-Apps.

Inside Waydroid WLAN and Bluetooth seems to be turned off but the Android-Apps can access the Internet anyway.

But Android-Apps complaining about Bluetooth is turned off and can´t turn it on.

Is there a way to configure Waydroid that it doesn´t show a disabled Bluetooth to the Apps?

In general it seems to be possible when follow this article:

I could life with Bluetooth-Blocking the host System for the short time of usage (Sync).

Aren’t you better off asking over there? What makes you think people here would know better?

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Maybe this is a kind of restriction from SFOS, so our Members here have more knownledge about it, so my hope.

It is not. There may of course be additional hurdles on SFOS beyond the base problem… but hard to know until that is solved really.

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