Want to re-flash an Xperia 10II Dual SIM that already has Sailfish X installed: skip to where?

I bought my Xperia 10ii with Sailfish X already installed, so I’ve not flashed SFOS onto my phone myself before. So I’m a flashing n00b. Everything is great with Sailfish and me, except my phone and I no longer agree on what my root password is. :sob: I assume I need to re-flash to regain root control of the phone.

I have found some instructions. However, I suspect that I should be able to skip a lot of the steps since I must surely already have the correct Android version drivers, the bootloader is already unlocked, etc. Where shall I start according to these instructions?

My guess would be that I need to do Chapter 4, then skip directly to Chapter 8. Have I missed something?

That sounds correct. You want to follow chapter 3 too, if it isn’t already done.

Good point, re: Chapter 3. Thanks!

OK, so success. Thanks for helping me read carefully!

So on my already-SFOS-installed-once phone, I needed to do the following steps:

  • Chapter 3 to prepare my Windows machine with the correct driver.
  • Chapter 4 to get the SFOS image
  • Chapter 5 to get the required Sony software image
  • Chapter 8 to flashSFOS onto the phone

NOTE: When running the script, Windows tried to stop the “unauthorised software” - and under “Learn more” I got to click “Run anyway”.

Now I can get down to the actual task I wanted to do with my lost root pwd which is to get VoLTE to work on the new network I now have. (Hallon in Sweden - a virtual operator for Tre, which ought to work - so we’ll just have to see.)