VPN to FritzBox with 4.5

I was reading now nearly each posting about VPN to FritzBox. But on no place I can find a How-To description to get it work.
I tried a lot of config settings even after the info that it should work with 4.5 … no success.
Does someone have a working solution?

VPN to Fritzbox had been working fine using the Wireguard protocol introduced in Fritz OS lately, until yesterday.
Now after updating to SFOS 4.5, my VPN settings are constantly disappearing from settings app.
Any idea how to cleanup VPN settings from command-line?

Don’t know about command line but I solved the problem by removing Wireguard via Storeman, and reboot.

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Ah, I forgot that the Wireguard setting was just an Openrepos installation. Thanks a lot.
Will try to setup vpnc to my Fritzbox next.

I had tried my wireguard VPN after upgrading to 4.5 (10III) and entries from consoled disappeared too. I managed to make them visible again by turning on the flight mode and then I can turned it off. Wireguard VPN seems to be broken atm.

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Does someone found a solution for a FritzBox VPN now with Sailfish 4.5.18 ?
It is getting more an more important because more and more Mobile Providers are blocking SIP calling!

Wireguard does work with Fritzbox on my Xperia XIII after the wireguard package was updated in Openrepros. Also VPNC VPN to Fritzbox is working when connected to the Internet via WLAN. I am still on

@Werbaer Is it possible that you make a description with the entries you are using with the VPNC VPN settings? It would help very much to confirm that it is not working on my device.
Btw. I have Sony Xperia 10II (and it was also not working with SFOS 4.5.16)

FYI. I got success!!! VPNC with IPSec to FritzBox is working!
The main point is that the IPsec-Bezeichung has to be the group name.

@maier Very good. Do you still need my settings?

Thank you to all who helped. Problem is solved.
Here is a good How-To description to config a VPN to FritzBox.

@Werbaer Thank you (Danke) but I think in the appended link everything is included.