VPN configuration lost []

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): Once, during upgrade to
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): Xperia 10 plus dual SIM
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): Yes


After upgrading to, the VPN configuration in the settings application is no longer present, and cannot be used anymore


SFOS with working and usable VPN configuration


  1. Configure VPN (openvpn in my case)
  2. Upgrade from to
  3. Check VPN configuration


VPN configuration is present, can be edited, and can be used.


VPN configuration is not available.


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Probably related to https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/wifis-disappeared-3-4-0-22/ ?

Just to clarify; did you lose the VPN connection you created, or the connection was there but it didn’t remember your credentials?

The vpn configuration itself got lost during the update, analog to all the wifi network configurations. Thankfully I had stored the openvpn configuration and certificate files on the device, so re-creating the vpn was easy.

It was the only vpn configuration I had, so I cannot comment if the issue depends on the type of vpn.

I also lost the configured OpenVPN-Connection, although my configured WIFIs were preserverd during the update.

Edit: Phone is a XA2 Plus Dual Sim

Very similar OpenVPN-Connection on a Gemini PDA was preserved during Update however. So it doesn’t seem to be dependent on the VPN Type (at least not only)

ACK on this bug from my side, too (Sony X).

Same Problem
But after Network reboot Settings - Utilities - Network reboot, all saved WiFis and VPN is back

I had problem with VPN and login, i had to type my credentials (user/password) all the time.
Thanks for the tip about “Network reboot Settings - Utilities - Network reboot” after that my VPN seems to work as usual but i have to do it again after reboot.

yes, the tip with “Network reboot Settings - Utilities - Network reboot” works on my XA2 now and is really good. Unfortunately after reboot the credentials are lost again.
Is there any workaround?

I had the same problem on my XPeria 10 - Dual SIM and found a workaround based on this information:

So I made a text file containing only the username and password of the connection. 1st line the username and 2nd line the password, nothing else. Saved the file as e.g. somename.txt or some other fantasyname.txt . Copied this file somewhere deep in the system to protect it from unauthorised access, e.g. /usr/share/…

Next time, VPN configuration had forgotten it’s credentials and asks for input, go to settings - credentials - read from file - system files - go to the place where the text file somename.txt is. Until now it remembers the settings, I am curious how long but till now it’s better than ever before. Sorry for double posting, but there are 2 similar threads to this issue…

edit: working fine since 3 days, no more access data lost.