VoWIFI support in SfOS

Since most (if not all) providers support VoWiFi next to VoLTE it would be very nice to have this feature available on SailfishOS as well.
Since both features are very much related (both rely on working internet access) I preaume it shouldn’t be too much an effort to get it working on SfOS. I just figured out that it, indeed, works already.
When I receive a VoLTE call while already connected to a Wifi hotspot the call is already routed through the Wifi-connection, as it seems, since there is no additional data connection visible in ifconfig, and the call wouldn’t even break when moving to an area with barely any mobile reception (but WiFi). It seems that currently IMS registration is bound to mobile network reception only (and not Internet connection availability). It would be fun to experiment with it a bit further. Is there a way to somehow trigger IMS registration manually even if there is no mobile network available?


I just saw there is a “rmnet_data2” connection which is not there while in flight mode/wifi enabled.

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So, is it working when in flightmode+wifi or is it not working?

No, not working in flight mode, unfortunately. However, AFAIR VoWiFi is not working in flight mode on Android either.