Vote for your favourite community contribution

Werkwolf for Piepmatz


@equeim for the excellent Unplayer, a queue- and playlist-based music player that’s powerful yet easy to use thanks to its well-thought-out design, making great use of the Sailfish OS UI paradigms. I recently got an Android-based DAP, and have yet to find a music player app for it that works as well as Unplayer.


thp deserves all the credit, I only took over from him :slight_smile:


I kind of miss thp. I wanted to update his flower game… need to ping him.

rinigus for his great work on pure maps. It’s so good and useful, it should be part of the base system.


@olf, @nephros, @vlagged for their work on Patchmanager

(and of course @coderus for alll his numerous contributions!)


@szopin for SFOS Forum viewer (and for relentless issue reporting on github ;))

also @rgrnetalk for Reisplanner, @slava for Foil Auth, @poetaster for Tidings, @adekker for kodimote


@HengYeDev deserves at least a nomination for his awesome work on bringing matrix to SFOS natively.


@attah also deserves to be in the list of nominees for his work on SeaPrint and making printing as effortless as it is.


@atlochowski, please correct your list of my contributions:

  • Open source fingerprint solution was driven by @piggz who made the most of the work. I was barely helping him a bit.
  • Presage keyboard was a project started @martonmiklos, my part was mainly work on Presage backend. @martonmiklos was the one who made the framework ready.

I would like to praise @mal for his great drive and being a cornerstone of many SFOS porting efforts. As most of us got to know him way before he joined Jolla, @mal is and has always been for me “community first” member. For those not involved in porting, @mal is someone who has helped and guided many porters as well as fixed lots of major bugs in the ports. He is someone who can always find time to help and look past our inability to formulate question clearly and get to the bottom of it. By glancing through acknowledgments part of the port announcement, it will be difficult to find a port without his name in the list. Except the cases where the porter was so thrilled with publishing the port that (s)he just forgot to thank people helping with the effort. @mal, thank you very much!

PS: Irony is, I cannot vote for this post. Surely others will “fix it” on my behalf.


Let’s thank @mal for being the community silent force behind so many devices ports.


mal ofc he’s silent angel who sacrificed so much for porting efforts, without him sfos wouldn’t be nowhere near this popular. Many MANY people use ports and most ports are only possible thanks to mal since sledges stopped helping


@piggz, @Mister_Magister and TheKit for their port for the Pro1 because without this port, the Pro1 would have been unusable for me all this time (although UBPorts and Droidian are now viable).

However, to be honest I feel very frustrated to have to vote for just one person or effort (I named three people here, couldn’t dissociate them for the port). We are all here because the community is strong and I feel voting for just one developer is a mistake because they are not competing but instead all contributing to making SFOS better and helping each other for that. Just because one thing is major doesn’t mean smaller things were not disruptive too. I can’t imagine what SailfishOS would be without @rinigus, @mal, @coderus, elros34, preflex and r3vnn for making chroot/LXC a thing, @dcaliste, @basil, g7, Osetr, many patch makers, and many others whose contributions may have been smaller in terms of lines of codes overall or even in terms of period of activity, but just crucial as well in the ultimate SFOS experience. Thanks to all of them, even those I couldn’t mention here because I can’t remember their exact nickname from the top of my head if they have been inactive for years now, or if they have no account here.

[Edit] Let me just add that I didn’t mean that in a bad way @flypig. I proofread myself and it looks like I’m dead serious and lecturing. I’m not. It’s just that the exercise is hard and picking just one name might be unfair!


Same here, I vote the same as @Kabouik.

I vote Leszek Lesner for videos about new features of Sailfish OS updates and also other things for community.


Thanks @mal @rinigus @piggz @zhxt Elros and many others on sailfishos-porters channel.

Thanks @coderus @mentaljam Werkwolf for their great apps, and thaks @Basil for the openrepos support.

Thanks the great sailfishos community :+1:


Thank @0312birdzhang for maintaining China’s sailfish community, developing apps and porting sailfish OS


Thank @0312birdzhang for maintaining China’s sailfish community, Porting sailfish OS on Redmi 5 Plus

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The idea was not that you should pick only one person or effort. The idea was that you separate the entries so that only one person/effort is mentioned in a single post, so that we can vote on the nominations using the heart button. A single person can create multiple posts, and vote by liking multiple posts.