VoLTE roaming in USA?

I need to make a work trip to the US in a couple of weeks.

What kind of service should I expect with my 10 III during the trip? I have Finnish Telia subscription with fully working VoLTE at home right now.

Running with no special modem configuration.

Do I need to prepare with an Android burner phone to stay connected, or is roaming with SFOS currently supported in the US?


You should check what network it connects to in the US.
T-Mobile works pretty dandy from what I’ve seen.

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T-Mobile works great, MMS is still touch and go.

I am in the USA at the moment, but using an iPhone roaming from Europe. I am in a major city.

Every time the SIM flips network provider to T-Mobile, data basically disappears (3G speed or worse). This may be related to the roaming deals my provider (3) have with the US networks, or T-Mobile may just suck here.


I usually only get factory unlocked devices.

Great to hear that, but is this roaming experience?

I just want to stay connected, no need for video streaming or anything like that.

Have not tried roaming, but I get pretty good connection…

Without roaming enabled I still don’t usually get bad signal