VoLTE on xperia xa2

hello, maybe it has already been asked but, will VoLTE suppert ever come to the xperia xa2, or it’s just for the xperia 10ii and later models?


Should we place bets?

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Let’s make an educated guess. SFOS is relying on Sony’s implementation of operator configs for VoLTE.
They are all part of this repository: https://github.com/sonyxperiadev/device-sony-common/ - common between all devices.
10 II, 10, and XA2 are all using the same kernel.

Now, if the device configuration is similar for this aspect for all devices, in theory it could be supported.
But without someone trying it out, we can’t know that for sure. And another thing is if Jolla will decide they want to spend time on it, seeing as VoLTE support is much more problematic on 10 II than on 10 III already, and it is still in Beta for all devices, with many reported problems.


i’ll tell you honestly, i am just curious, cause none of our country operators support sony phones for volte, but i keep reading all over this forum that operators are starting to ditch lte in favour of volte, and althought operators over here won’t do that in the near future, it’s kinda scary, that’s why i am curious…

anyway at this point i guess we can only wait and see, althought i don’t think jolla is caring about the xa2 much anymore as in the past

or am i wrong?

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With my operator (Polkomtel in Poland) I just had to send an SMS to activate VoLTE and it got activated immediately. Hope some other operators support that too.
But yeah, I also see they don’t seem to care about XA2 that much anymore. And I can’t really blame them, there are so many bug reports, and there is so few of them.

Not in italy no, sony phones are supported by no operator, also phoned my operator which said it’s automatically enabled so if it’s not working then the phone it’s not supported

What a shame…

I’m on android at the moment and i can tell you is not working on there either…

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