VoLTE enablers: sources for ports

With 4.5 SFOS released, I wonder what is the state with VoLTE support. Sounds like Jolla’s implementation is closed source. Any plans to release it? Earlier, we were told that it is too early and no definite answer could be given. Maybe it is the time?

I believe unofficially ported devices could benefit from looking into Jolla’s approach. Right now, I personally, even have no idea where to start digging. And, in principle, time used for duplicating efforts is not very efficiently spent.


Sony’s AOSP10+ binary images has already VoLTE daemons. They need to be activated only. Activation/registration to IMS needs to be done with Qualcomm’s propertary interface. And I think Jolla is not allowed to share that. This is my quess.

Maybe and it’s a pity since VoWifi could easily switched on too as it’s also handled by the same chipset.

Maybe VoLTE and VoWIFI could be done independently without Jolla.
It doesn’t need much codelines but figuring how those daemons work is bigest challenge.

Care to provide a reference for that claim?

The Snapdragon X12 LTE Modem can automatically switch between 4G and Wifi, according to Qualcomm: Qualcomm Snapdragon X12
Thus, VoLTE could most likely be configured the same way as VoLTE and will also then be handled be the chipset autonomously.

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In lineageos it works only, if you get the ims settings before you flash (and probably change partition scheme). So one way would be rooting any original firmware with ims settings, copy that blobby vendor configuration and simply load it into sailfish :wink:

That’s a marketing page, so it may well be taking into account some amount of OS support in that statement.


I would have thought the network connection, (WPA supplicant, DHCP and whatnot) terminates up in the OS, not inside the modem, so i don’t see how that could be the case.

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Mh. Sounds reasonable. However, afair this particular configuration is a read-only blob in sfos as well?

The blob is different for any operator and every modem. Pinephone has the handling built-in in its blackboxed modem for example…