VoLTE abroad - how?

Hi Sailors,

I am using a X10iii with VoLTE in France (operator: Orange) and it works great.
I am sometimes going abroad for work, and in countries where VoLTE is the only option, i can’t make any call.

I will be in the US in the coming days, and would like to find a way to make with SFOS work over there - I searched in the forum but could not find any help.

So, if anyone has successfully made their phone work abroad, in a country where only VoLTE is allowed, i’d appreciate the help!
(I can successfully use my phone abroad in countries which are not yet forcing calls over VoLTE, e.g. Switzerland, but that soon won’t be possible once they shutdown their 2G/3G networks).



T-Mobile prepaid Sim

are you suggesting I should buy a SIM card when arriving in the US?

of course that’d work, but that’s not really what i’m after :slight_smile:

Just giving you a solution. Not having to do that would be better. Just wanted to make sure you had an option at the least.

thanks - yes i have also the option to use another (non SFOS) phone and swap the SIM :slight_smile: but i’d prefer to use my X10iii

Just tested with TIM in Italy and I have no data. I could connect only once on Vodaphone’s network where I had data, but I have no idea why I can’t use it.

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I was traveling through Austria by night train the last two weekends and couldn’t get data to work either. Unfortunately I did not search the wiki for how to debug ofono and just went back to sleeping even the second time I passed Austria. Other countries worked without issues.

I have yet to have X10 II VoLTE work for roaming in a number of EU countries I’ve either transferred or landed at.

So far as I know this problem isn’t confined to Sailfish. It is a universal “feature” of VoLTE. We’ve managed to progress back to the days of CDMA. How wonderful is that? :frowning:


In the US I think your bigger problem is going to be network coverage. The Xperia 10 devices do not support some of the 4G bands that the US carriers use. That likely means that you’ll experience poor coverage as you move about.

I can tell you, as a resident of Minneapolis, US, that VoLTE works on my Xperia 10ii, but only in locations where I have good network coverage of course. My carrier is T-Mobile, and according to their page they use the 4G LTE bands 2, 4, 5, and 66, plus the 4G extended range LTE bands 12 and 71. Of those, the 10iii only supports 4 and 5, which I expect will be a deal killer for you. For comparison, my 10ii adds the ext-LTE band 12 to that, and I think that is what makes the phone a barely passable device for daily use. Without ext-LTE I think my coverage would be nearly worthless.

ok, that’s a very interesting point, I didn’t think about this.

I’m in New England, and my phone works great most places except more rural areas.

Once I rebooted my phone, the issue got fixed.

Volte roaming is a carrier matter so ask your carrier is or when will be volte in roaming provided.

it works when i swap my SIM card to e.g. my professional iphone, so not carrier related

From what I can gather it’s a combination of carrier support and OEM support. You need both.

Ok, so I am now in the US and luckily I am roaming on T-Mobile which appears not to have discontinued their 3G network, since I can make calls.

4G calling can’t register, so I’m back to square one wrt the initial question of that topic:
is there a way to have VoLTE working when roaming? I can mess around with ofono conf etc as

Yes, I have VoLTE working on T-mobile using the instructions contained in this forum when the new release came out. Make sure it’s enabled in your settings.

thanks - can you be more specific:

  • are you roaming on T-Mobile USA with a non-US SIM card,
  • or do you have a T-Mobile USA SIM card directly?

I am in the former case, and I think that changes things.

Not roaming. T-Mobile USA SIM.