Volla..... with Sailfish

I have a Volla Phone 22. I have successfully installed Sailfish, using the Volla instructions. It works just fine.
It seems to be the X version, rather than the full commercial.
Question : how do I upgrade to the full Sailfish ?

I believe X is both the licensed and unlicensed varieties (as opposed to previous preinstalled offerings).

You don’t. That’s only offered on supported models.

OK, thanks.
Shame really. I have a Jolla from around 2013, the original device. Still works. The Volla is a “modern” device and Sailfish looks really good and works well. It just needs the Android support from the commercial version. Shame it’s not available.

You can use Waydroid from Chum to run Android apps.


Is there a link you can add here ? For some reading about installation. Thanks.

I hope, this helps you:

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Thanks… My evening reading !

See also this thread from post #150 to the end:

WayDroid on SFOS?

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