Volla tablet with Sailfish OS

Does anyone know if the Volla tablet can be operated with Sailfish OS? See VOLLA TABLET - VOLLA PHONE

See also here Volla Tablet will ship with Android, but supports Ubuntu Touch multi-boot (crowdfunding) - Liliputing At this page you can see the hardware system requirements and that it can start ubuntu touch and their own secured OS.

Seeing that the device does not exist yet, there was no possibility to create a community port. For the existing Volla devices (Volla Phone, Volla22, VollaX23) community ports of SFOS have been created, appearently paid for by Volla. It is well possible that this will happen for the Volla tablet, but there was no announcement.

Today a new Kickstarter action was started. See here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/volla/volla-tablet-simplify-your-digital-life


The Tablet is already funded. Anyone here who backed it?

I thought about it, but waited if there would be an announcement for a sailfish port

In the FAQs they say…

Yes, we will again include the multi-boot function into Volla OS. We are also in discussion for Sailfish OS on the Volla Tablet. A pen is also in preparation. The tests have not yet been completed. We may be able to already offer an update and an add-on during the campaign.