Volla phone in bootloop

sadly I have zero knowledge of waydroid. @Seven.of.nine , didn’t you manage to get waydroid going on the volla?

@poetaster Yes, in the end it was easy, but in beginning I had to try long time to find the right solution with the help of the community. I’ll explain later when back on computer, i’m on my way now…


I installed waydroid runner fron chum, then ran waydroid-init in CLI, then installed Waydroid Runner and (IMPORTANT) deinstalled dnsmasq, see

Waydroid in Chum-AppStore doesn´t start Session

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See also this thread

WayDroid on SFOS?

I hope this is helpful for you.

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This is different, i hang in waiting for ui
dnsmasq need to be disabled, that is true
i will checkout the waydroid thread

on what sfos version did you install waydroid ?
4.3 or higher ?

edit: (understandable + in the right order)

  1. flashed with UBPorts installer
  2. updated SFOS on the Volla step by step to ( didn’t work on Volla, going back to …64 with luck succeeded)
  3. I installed Waydroid on, don’t forget to init it. The init downloaded abt. 680 MB or so.
  4. installed MicroG and the app-stores and apps.

edit: Sometimes (very rare) this stucking on ‘waiting for UI’ happens also to me, and I have no idea why and can’t see any coincidences to some situations on the phone.
If this stucking happens, I have to close the Waydroid and start it again a few seconds later. This case I’m always careful to give the phone time to finish it’s background processes, because I know that SFOS sometimes is a little bit slow.
Starting Waydroid sometimes needs more, sometimes fewer time. After the UI has launched, the balls from right to left go slower or faster, always different, depending on the system status, the weather, the stars and the moon. I don’t know, but mostly it works.

edit: For every flashing on Xperia 10 and Volla i always use an USB 2 hub, because there are some known bugs in the USB firmware. Don’t know exactly what it is, but a lot of people here experienced this and also me. And, with USB 2.0 hub it works and with USB 3 not.

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thanks for that detailed info, that only means that i do stuck in some other detail issues.
on my last gs290 i did install waydroid on, checked that it worked and then did all the updates till

with that replacement phone i did update till to see that my sim card works which it did not on first installation, and now i can get waydroid up …

thanks anyway !

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The broken phone, after two weeks stopped to reboot and seems to work again ?!
might have.been water.or somethng ?
who knows.

so closing this topic.
regarding waydroid: installed it again on the now working device, freshly fleshed, updated till, the installed waydroid, disabled dnsmasq but hangs in waiting for android ui, same as the other phone