Visual Voice Message


Anynews of Visual Voice Message support ?

Do you mean a visual menu for voicemail (answering machine) for the telephony providers which support those? Or something else?

Yep visual menu, that auto download new voicemail, it’s just the must important function for me for a professional use …

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After a quick glance at the technical specifications, it seems to me, that you could simply add another IMAP mail account for “Visual Voicemail”.
I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea though, where you would get the login credentials from (and that may be a big issue in implementing this feature).

I don’t think I can use imap like that, my operator send me this type of sms :

//VVM:SYNC:ev=NM;txt=Vous avez recu un nouveau message, appelez le 888;id=1351565473;c=00003;t=v;s=+3366666666;dt=11/03/2021 18:42 +0100;l=51