Virtual machine

Hi I want to run virtual android machine on my phone sony xperia 10 ii phone witch is with last update sailfishos ?
Do you know some app or anything else to do it but i want to be a fast and lite ?

Thanks ?

What do you want to do with the virtual android? As the xperia10II is a supported device, you can just use the android support from the jolla store to run android apps (you need a bought sailfishOS for that).

Great but know it’s want to be a power user i use the command “su” but i don’t know witch password of the device pin code or of the jolla account ?

The main goal is to lie the system and to have normal Viber and WhatsApp because the sailfish os doesn’t support the google service i cant import chat backup from my old device but to be a simple back up not to do some program things witch i don’t understand :stuck_out_tongue:
And if i create virtual machine and then login with my account and then i will have back up from google services.
That’s it :smiley:

A generic virtual machine will not help you with that, nor will WayDroid.

You would have to install google services in waydroid as well. There is as far as i know no simple solution with google services preinstalled.

However, you can install microG. This enables google services in sailfishOS.
For a tutorial look here:

There is even a video.

For the su (or devel-su) command you need to enable developer mode in the settings and use the password from there. The su commands are for Switch User and switches to the root user. This user has permissions to do everything and can destroy things (and repair them). Feel free to ask questions here. We’re happy to help :slight_smile:

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Thanks for information but I try with command su the ask me for password I know the password but when i start to write no show ****** or even real signs then when I press the enter goes to the bottom row i start to write again but go one more row and then say me fail… where I’m wrong ? I’m doing that from terminal right ?

It is normal linux behavior to be completly silent in a password prompt. Thus so far everything is fine. To become root user on a sfos device, you need to use devel-su instead of su. Does that work for you?

While I am happy to encurage you to modify your system and learn to do that, it might be more efficient to backup whatsapp from an android device into a file and restore that on sfos.

I realized how it works you have to wait a bit before say is it accept or not but know have to remember what is my password because you say the password is that you login in developer mode i try with this password but say me me “authentication failure”… is it possible to be different password from my developer menu ?

HowTo: using su instead of devel-su - ?

Thanks now I learn something new but for step 4 I’m not sure is it work because i try with only “su” but again not accept my password only in “devel-su” but i know in instruction says

  1. You will be asked to enter new password for root user two times (it has nothing to do with the password that you have set up in step 2 - choose whatever you like, but choose a really strong one!).
  2. The password for root is now set - don’t forget it! You can now use su instead of devel-su to become root user.
  • open terminal and type ‘devel-su’. It will ask for password. After entering password, now you have ‘#’
  • type ‘passwd’. It will ask you for a new password. This doesn’t change your ‘devel-su’ password - it’s separate.
  • after you enter new password twice, you see “password successful”. Now type ‘exit’ to get back to ‘$’.
  • now type ‘su’, and enter the new password.

Thanks for useful information i learn something new ! :star_struck: :hugs:

Hey man,
Is it possible to give me some step by step solution how to install because i open the site I read the readme file but i don’t understand how i mean is it have first to download all the files and then via usb to upload to phone or is possible to download by terminal with command ? I thin from terminal and some command it wit be more easy for me.


I’m not on SF at the moment, so if you have updated to 4.4, I can’t help you with any issues. If you’re on 4.3 or less, just install Chum repo,, and then pkcon install Waydroid. Then you have the option of using Waydroid Settings or Waydroid Runner, so pkcon install that. Then run waydroid init on your phone.

Hm I don’t understand anything :frowning:

May I join this discussion here? I have also a similar problem, would like to install Waydroid on a Volla phone and do not know how to do this in a proper way.
I found Waydroid and Waydroid Runner in Chum, but don’t know how to install it correctly and failed once in earlier time.
Can you please help me to do everything in the right order and fotget nothing?
The Volla phone is on SFOS

Thanks in advance!