View of open applications

I would like to be able to choose whether the app tiles are arranged starting from the bottom right corner.
Another improvement / option could be to arrange its completely by hand.


You can arrange them by hand:

Long-press on any of them, and then drag them to get the order you want.


No no, I don’t mean sorting but starting placing from bottom or moving anywhere

Its not a bad idea. With SFOS phones being longer than average placing the open apps on the center or bottom makes a lot of sense.

Many other elements could be more centered too.


Second this. Could even allow sorting from each of the four corners, to account for all preferences and regional customs? Many ambiences would benefit from the app covers being sorted from bottom to top IMHO.

And of course the advantage of the icons being at the lower end of the screen being easier to tap if you only have 2 or 4 open.


Hmm I wonder.

/usr/lib64/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Lipstick/SwitcherGrid.qml is a regular QML Grid, which has a verticalItemAlignment property. Maybe just toggling that would suffice?

Of course there’s tons of stuff assuming a top-to-bottom layout, but maybe…

EDIT: Nope, don’t try. Fucks up Lipstick badly :wink: