Video calling unable to access my camera?

Hi there,

i am using Sailfish latest version on Xperia 10 iii
all Video calling android apps like viber, whatsapp, telegram and signal work BUT when i try to video call the apps cannot open the camera even through i gave them android permission to camera. I can see the person i am talking to but they cannot see me. Whatsapp was the only app to tell me that it cannot open the camera, the other apps never said anything. Any idea guys how to solve this? Thanks


Hej. Any solutuon up til now? I have the same problem on my 10 iii :frowning: with 4.4 …(before I used a XA2 and all worked). Quite unfortunate!

Stop the Android app support from settings and re-enabling it seems to fix the problem for me.

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In case of 10 III specifically I think you could be encountering this bug. It happens in some apps and not others, so restarting Aliendalvik is still worth a try, but if it doesn’t work you might need to wait for this to get resolved. [, Xperia 10 iii] Camera App crashes when trying to record a video

ok, I wait. Restarting Android-SUpport does not fix it for me, only restarting the phone does, which is a bit annoying when my counterpart waits for the call… :wink: