Very low sound with sfos 4.0 on xa2

with sfos 4 update on my XA2Ultra the ringtone (and other notification sound) are now so low that they can hardly be heard
this makes the device unusable as a phone!

Are you sure you double checked all your Ambience and Sound settings? My XA2 is loud and clear. Can you/have you checked logs/journal for anything strange, especially coming from Pulseaudio?
Are you using any non Sailfish program?

its a known bug on the XA2 that after a reboot the sound is low. i have it everytime after rebooting. what will fix it is making a call (and put it on speaker). that works for me at least on my XA2+ in 100% of the cases.

OK - maybe I haven’t rebooted in a very long time, and definitely made a call and put it on speaker. It would be useful to look for pulseaudio messages in the journal to help troubleshoot this bug.