Using usermod to add defaultuser to a new group doesn't work

I want to send SMS over SSH with a newer Sailfish phone, but defaultuser is not a member of sailfish-radio. so I devel-su and do a usermod -a -G sailfish-radio defaultuser, get no error from that, but defaultuser does not get added to that group.

Any help very welcome!


Usually, you need to login/logout to apply the changes. Not sure if it’s the same in Sailfish, but did you try to restart your phone?


It was that simple! Thanks!

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Can you share how you accomplished that?

I only managed to activate the message app so far (with text typed on the computer).

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I got all the info from those links, but I think it also depends on if you have an old Jolla or not, if you have nemo as user, you can sens SMS frmo CLI. If you have deafaultuser you cannot.

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If this script still works, it should be enough to exchange nemo with defaultuser and it should work again.

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Alternatively, newgrp helps upgrade running session.

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Thank you!

I have seen those before but was underwhelmed by having to enter the phone number manually.

I left the first string empty string: \"\", so the script just opens the Messages app with the message text and I can choose a recipient. Works better for me, but I’d love to interact more with the app, be able to reply to messages directly etc.

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