Using the GPS or any postioning app on a sony Xperia 10 II

Good afternoon,
I have been using this sony with SFOS as my main phone for the last 2 years together with another phone for apps needing positioning because the positioning never worked.
Since Yesterday i decided to go over this problem
My SFOS is 4.2 Verla
i have MicroG installed and everything ticked.
postioning apps are :
GpsTEST from fdroid
Gps logger
too good to go (app to get leftovers in restaurant nearby)
none of them work.
I want to get rid of the secondary phone.

Does anybody have the gps working correctly with SFOS on Xperia 10 II.
If yes how did you do that ?

It is strange. I have Xperia 10 II and GPS working properly most of the time (sometimes, module don’t see any satellite and it is necessary to restart phone). I live in Europe (Czechia), have installed all “Positioning *” packages from the Store, using accurate option in Settings (combination of device GPS with online services).

Just try GPSInfo native application, you will see how many satellites your phone see…

I have installed GPS info and nothing comes out about position.
Only the compass is working… and working great !
The numbers of satellites varies from 0/26 to 0/27

Their must be something bogged in the gps software because when i restart the phone i see the numbers of satellites increasing.
When i shut off the positioning with the top menu it still writes “active” in GPS info app, only it counts O satellites.
according to GPS INFO my phone sees the satellites but do not use them.
Is their a way to isolate /uninstall and reinstall the GPS related software in SFOS ?

Hi, I stay in Germany and have same settings like @karry. Since I had problems to get gps fix under SFOS 3 with my XperiaX my workaround is to start first GPSinfo and after I got position I start the app I like to use.
With Xperia 10 II I get GPS fix sometimes in a few seconds and sometimes it takes some minutes.
Very rarely it needs a restart of the phone.

I must admit that I rarely disabling GPS from top menu. I would suspect that disabling gps from top menu is using rfkill to turn off the module but “active” in GPSInfo is just flag of position-source QML component.

What options on location settings are you using? I have a Xperia 10 II with microg too, and it works more or less fine. On location settings → precision, I’ve only enabled ‘Device-only mode’ option.

I have been wondering, do any of the microG Unified Network Location Providers (NLPs) have any effect on Alien Dalvik? There are some available on F-droid, but I’m not seeing any improvement in acquiring a near-immediate and accurate position via online services, like on Android.