Using Smart watch to control PC via bluetooth

Is there any way to have a smart watch control basic functions on a PC by tapping the watch screen or pressing buttons etc. Just to be able to do simple tasks like open browsers or partictular PC apps etc. etc.
This is the Smart Watch I bought. Not sure if it is even possible with this watch, but is there any watch that could do it, via the bluetooth connection between watch and PC? I presume some sort of a script would have to be written? Or is there some sort of interface that would allow this?

What does this have to do with Sailfish OS?

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Sorry when I said PC that was just one example of a device I would like to control. But also on my Xperia, which would save me talking it out of my pocket. I’m just interested in the possibility of controlling things with my smart watch generally.

Well, like attah wrote, we are on a sailfish forum, so I’ll give you a sailfishy answer: Theoretically, everything is possible. Maybe not with your watch, but with those which are supported by amazfish, you can run scripts on your phone by pressing buttons on your watch. And you can e.g. use ssh to run commands on your PC from those scripts.


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Yeah I have a feeling the watch I have may be too basic, as I don’t think you can by apps for it, which means it is probably not customizable. I’ll look into it a bit more as there has to be watches that can integrate well with different OS.