Using offline navigation apps when display is off

native navigation apps do loose track of current location when display gets dark.
not immediately but after few minutes
recently i 've found out that android apps run nicely without screen
this is handy, e.g on motobike i can use magic earth for a complete day without charging.
also in car on highway i do need the screen on for hours …

so here my question: why does it not work for native apps ? is it an app or os issue ?

I think this comes from the power save settings, so that the phone goes into power save and/or sleeping mode after some time if nobody keeps it awake by actively operating it.

Pure Maps has a setting that allows you to get navigation instructions without the screen on. See Preferences/Device/Prevent sleep

Was originally requested for walking and cycling.


@pawel.spoon what applications did you tried?

puremaps at first
can tryout osmscout today afternoon

will also try today afternoon

That’s one of the reasons I often keep MultiModal running in the background, specifically to prevent PureMaps from losing the GPS fix when I’m walking around with the phone in my pocket.

Found switch. App would continue with guidance, but no notifications were shown.

i have notifications on lockscreen enabled btw.

have also tried voice nav: it works but volume is very very low. Especially when used with music in parallel, it is not understandable at all. Music does not continue after a navigation message.

need to try it out in my helmet without music. maybe the volume can be increased to a noticeable volume

Did tryout osm scout for navigation and it works fine with voice navigation and works fine with screen off

Puremaps needs to have Preferences/Device/Prevent sleep enabled

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