Using mobile data although wifi connected

HARDWARE: XA2 (firmware 17b)
REGRESSION: yes, no problems on 4.3, maybe even later


When I have mobile data on and the wifi connection is weak, I appearantly use the mobile data connection, as my volume contract gets eaten up quite quickly when watching youtube videos.

For me this happens with the newpipe android app, couldnt confirm yet if this also happens e.g. in the browser.


5ghz wifi, low connectivity
mobile data on


  1. watch youtube videos using the newpipe android app


Data is sent via wifi


mobile data contract looses volume


couple openrepos apps


What should I do to collect evidence on this?

I’ve seen very similar using newpipe on my xa2+ with 17b blobs on not prior from memory.
when peeking at status bar the network status symbol was switching back and forth between wifi and mobile data.
Turning of mobile data forced it to use wifi, and it appeared to stick with wifi. Interestingly signsl strength of wifi was fairly strong.

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You mean it only happens since .64?

I suspect so, as I don’t recall it happening earlier.

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There is a mobile data counter. I’m curious if its impacted too.

Earlier today newpipe triggered again switching back and fourth in ui between wifi and mobile data when peeking, when going to home screen without closing newpipe the ui stayed on wifi, then brought newpipe bakc to focus, and atvyjis point it stayed on wifi. I didn’t verify actual data counts though.

could be that android layer not seeing wifi initially and some jow triggering mobile data to connect and the os going back and fourth. Don’t knlw as I’ve not investigated enough.

Related? Use of mobile data (IPv6) although a WLAN connection (IPv4) is active

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I have the same issue with an Xperia 10 III and the version WiFi and mobile data is enabled. When coming home and the phone reconnects to the WiFi, i could observe (using the data counter from the provider) that sometimes still the mobile data connection is used instead of the WiFi.
(VoLTE was never enabled)

Is your provider using IPV6?

1 Like says IPv4 and IPv6 are supported. IPv6 Connectivity → Type is Native IPv6 and the browser default is IPv6. I hope this answers the question. If not is there a better way to check this?

Looks good. So section browser shows IPV6 as default?

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Yes. If I connected via mobile data the section browser shows IPV6 as default. However, if I connected only via WiFi there is only IPv4 available.


Is ipv6 available through wifi at all?

Is anyone still experiencing this on Sailfish OS or later? As covered in the related thread, there is now a workaround in place that should avoid this causing issues.

I’ve tagged this as “fixed”, but please say anyone finds it’s still an issue.

I haven’t noticed it anymore

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Thanks @thigg; that’s good to hear.

@flypig it happened again after updating to 4.5. Should we reopen this?

I’m sorry to hear that. But yes, reopening it makes sense in that case. I’ve removed the “fixed” tag. I’d suggest to add it to the next community meeting bug list (or allow it to turn up naturally there over time if you prefer).

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