Using Easyroam with Sailfish (former: Eduroam)

a short time ago, our university changed the access management for eduroam. The new system is called Easyroam ( There is a straight foward implementation for many systems. An app (Android, iOS, Windows, Ubuntu) manages the certifcates and user credentials to use eduroam. There is also a rather complicated instruction for linux systems via openssl (de:eduroam:easyroam-anleitungen [Dokumentation DFN-AAI, DFN-PKI und eduroam]). However I was not able to gain access to the university wlan. Has anybody managed to gain access with sailfish? I would be really happy to get some help.

Does this help?

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It looks like @FelixWilke will need more options in conf file than from my example.

Thanks for the hint. I will try next week, when I am back at the university.

i failed already by creating a *.crt file. From Easyroam I can download a *.p12 file. I am able to extract a *.pem file via openssl. However creating a crt file does not work:

openssl pkcs12 -in filename.p12 -clcerts -nokeys -out filename.crt

says: Error outputting keys and certificates

Did you try the commands from ‘Installation der easyroam Profile auf Linux Geräten’ from the link you posted, don’t see the one you’re trying there

I did try them.

openssl pkcs12 -in my_easyroam_cert.p12 -legacy -nokeys > easyroam_client_cert.pem and
openssl pkcs12 -legacy -in my_easyroam_cert.p12 -nodes -nocerts | openssl rsa -aes256 -out easyroam_client_key.pem 

are working , the other commands … are not. As a result I do only have *.pem files.

Look at complex networking example in that connman man that was posted it uses pem files