Use custom Docker command

Is there a way to feed a custom path for the docker command both to the SDK installer and to the SDK itself? I have finally gotten my rootless Docker to work and I would like to use that custom path instead of the default /usr/bin/docker.

If you don’t mind that it will apply globally under your user account, then the easiest way it to simply write a simple wrapper script and store it under a directory on PATH, which should be the case of ~/bin.

cat <<END >~/bin/docker
exec /path/to/real/docker "$@"
chmod +x ~/bin/docker

(It is possible that the ~/bin directory does not exist and/or is not in PATH initially.)

If you want to limit it’s use to the SDK, then you can use some other directory to store the wrapper and include it in PATH only for the SDK installer and tools.

Unfortunately there is no other way to supply custom docker path to the SDK installer right now. The SDK itself allows to set it in <installation-directory>/share/qtcreator/SailfishSDK/libsfdk.ini, but that’s hardly helpful in your case if the installer does not allow it. I am mentioning it just for completeness:

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Thanks! I’ll try it out