USB Tethering on XA2 working in 3G but not in 4G

I didn’t put it in bug reports section, because i don’t know if it’s related to sailfish, my operator, my OS.

I just installed usb-moded-connection-sharing-android-connman-config like detailled on jolla.zendesk

2020-07-21 13_01_43-What is Internet sharing (USB tethering, WLAN hotspot)_ – Jolla Service and Supp
How ever i have usb sharing working in 3G, but not working in 4G.
Using a XA2 running and trying to share with w7 x64.
The network appears as desactivated when the phone is in 4G.

Can someone help me to investigate it ? I’m really bad with networks.
Thanks a lot, nice day !