Upgrade to commercial license from free

Good morning; for upgrade to commercial license from free (Sailfish X Free for supported devices ) is necessary reinstall os?
Thank you

See https://jolla.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003837053-What-is-Sailfish-X-licence

Switching from Free to Full licence
It is simple to upgrade a phone from Free OS to Full OS. You will need to:
Buy the Sailfish X licence using the same Jolla account that will be used on the phone.
Sign in to this Jolla account on the phone. If done previously then just restart the phone. This activates the licence.
On the phone, go to the menu page “Settings > Sailfish OS updates”. Pull down to “Check for updates”.
If there is an update available, pull down to download it. Once done, pull down to install it. At the end of the installation, the phone restarts itself.
You have now the full-blown Sailfish OS on your phone. Thanks to the licence, you can now install the licensed apps from Jolla Store.

ok, thank you, excuse my stupid question, whit my old jolla account, where is signed my jolla 1; i can register another phone, buy the license and activate it? or is necessary another account? i mean email account, is necessary register another account with another mail or deleting my old jolla 1?

thank enrico

I suggest a new account for your new phone, and not to delete the old account that is linked to the Jolla 1.
In case you decide later to sell one of your phones, you can give the credentials of the linked account to the buyer without affecting the other phone + licence.
But if you are sure you want to keep both phones, it’s no problem to register both on the same account.

edit: the corresponding e-mail address and the password can be changed later. The user name cannot be changed later!

ok. perfect thank you .