Upgrade pre-installed Android?

on this page it says that the XA2 has Android App Support 10.0":
and in the tutorial,it says " Do not update to Android 10 in case it is offered."

so i guess i shouldn’t update?

also is it really necessary to check the device with Android for some time to see that every thing works fine?

See olf / SailfishX on Xperias · GitLab, specifically

Note, that you shall search this forum for answers first: Both questions have been posed and answered many times here!

P.S.: The fact that Jolla’s “Android app support” Android runtime environment (aka “AlienDalvik”, which can be installed on SailfishOS) is currently at the level of Android 10 (statement from the Jolla Shop) is unrelated to the maximum Android version which can be installed on a Sony Xperia prior to installing SailfishOS.

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i understand.
i found an answer for my second question on this forum and will read your detailed guide next.

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