Update to Verla Xperia XA2 hangs at 99% bar

Upgrade to Verla hangs at approx. 99% progression bar. I removed nano before installing (as suggested during the upgrade download). I didn’t uninstall Storeman, since I had no Storeman packages installed (out of nano).

How log can the progress bar stay on 99% ?

Do I need a factory reset now and a reinstallation?

Any hints are welcome


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Sorry I cannot give any serious advise here, however @abranson just commented in the Announcement thread to a similar issue. Could that help you? [Release notes] Suomenlinna 4.3.0 - #155 by abranson

Yes, I had the same problem yesterday.
I let it run overnight but when I woke up I noticed that progress had not taken place.
I forced to shutdown the device and after that everything was fine, the system was updated.
Maybe this is the normal procedure, or?

Definitely not.
Did you check that you are on newer version?

After such scenario you can call yourself lucky that the device boots and I would try a
pkcon refresh
followed by a version --dup

which you get all safely covered by @olf 's sfos-upgrade

same trouble for our XA2, but at 99,99% :wink:
And i reboot after 30 minutes ! Can we hope a patch or a correction with 4.4 ?