Update to recommends to delete many packages

I would like to update my Xperia 10 III from to

After downloading the update, I get a message that I should delete packages as those could lead to problems with the update. Then, there comes a list of nearly 50 packages.

This looks very strange to me. Apart from the fact that I do not know at all how to delete any package, I am also not aware that I ever intalled anything special. From openrepos, I have okboard and wireguard.

Currently, I do not dare to delete anything, because the packages in this list sound very basic to me (I am however not familiar with these things). Here are some examples: jolla-calculator, jolla-keyboard, jolla-sessions-qt5, jolla-settings-homescreen, jolla-settings-system, jolla-settings-system-about-eula-sailfish, jolla-settings-system-flashlight, lipstick-qt5, sailfish-content-tones-default, sailfish-fonts, sailfishshare-components, voicecall-ui-jolla

It does not look correct to me that I am supposed to delete anything that that is called “product-license”, “developermode”, “product-trademark” or similar.

What do you think about this?

Thank you very much!

Usually, you can just ignore it. Just be sure to uninstall packaged listed in each Release Note.

Thank you! I have never had these messsages before.

It happened to me a few times, you broke the standard packages by installing another version of a package, which is needed by the os (depends X.YZ but A.BC is installed).

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Okay, thanks! I have no idea where I could have gotten other packages from, because it was a relatively fresh installation. But this doesn’t matter. I just ignored the messages and it worked.