Update of the official Sailfish X Installation Guide necessary?


After the latest Version of Sailfish becomes available yesterday, I decided to flash another device.
Therefore I tried to follow the instructions from the official Sailfish X installation guide here.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work with the Sony sa0114 ADB Interface Driver. Looking on the official Sony website for unlocking the bootloader here it says something about the USB driver.

So maybe it would be good to update the official installation process for windows?

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Apparently the Google USB Driver it didn’t work for the two persons that have tried: https://together.jolla.com/question/227831/unable-to-install-fastboot-driver-in-windows-10-v2004/?answer=229288#post-id-229288

But yes the guide needs to be updated, at least to say that it only works on Windows 10 with a version prior to 2004 for now, until there is another reliable solution.