Update from Rokua doesnt get any update

I have just got a new device after got stolen my last sailfish phone and now I am here again.
I have install Rokua in it but when trying to update it , it doesnt get any update? I am using a H4113 device and will like to get Palla

Assuming you have Sailfish X compatible device, you could download the Koli (4.0) images from Jolla and flash straight to the newest version of the OS instead of going through update from old version?

yes, I have a devicde compatible. i just wanna use the update sailfish instead of downloading it.

And I will like to install Palla instead of Koli, cause I had some problems with Koli before

Hi, it’s not clear whether you have a valid Sailfish X license for new device. Is it a like for like replacement and you have asked Jolla support to transfer to new device IMEI? If you are seeking older Rokua.img you would need to specify exact variant in case forum member has it downloaded from previously and is willing to share.

@aspergerguy Thanks.

I am waiting to get the license to be used in my H4113. In the meanwhile I have install the old sailfish X that I had , Rokua, and I will like to upgrade to Palla 3.4 before upgrading to Koli.


I am gonna try this