Update: app chaos

I do not know if this issue belongs to bug reports or feature requests, so I am posting it here.

After the recent update was successfully installed on my phone, all apps except preinstalled ones were moved in their position in the app list. There is now a chaos of completely randomly misplaced apps. Trying to reorder them again in a meaningful way is a time-consuming and very annoying task, in particular because moving an app does not work well in Sailfish. Anyways, we should not even have to do that.

So please, for future updates, do not change the app order, make sure to keep them just like they have been arranged before. Thanks


Did it affect all apps or just android apps?

It affected all self-installed apps. There was not a separate order of native apps in my list, they were mixed together with android apps. So it is not possible to look at them isolated.