Unwanted contacts

I use SFOS partly because I don’t want the data giants Google and Apple to collect data uncontrollably.

Likewise, I don’t want to have any data from anyone without request.
That was also the case with my SFOS on the Intex Aquafish.
But now:
In my new SFOS are in the contact directory some data from the beginning included, which I do not want such as ADAC, dating, … . These can not be deleted.
I then deleted the entire contact file and then transferred my data. And apparently all was well.

But after about four weeks the entries are back!
This is an intrusion into my privacy! I only want to have the contacts in my directory that I want.
Now I don’t want to delete and rebuild the contact file every few weeks.

How can I prevent this unwanted change of the contact file.
Surely there is a script for that somewhere! I want that gone!!!

A bit angry

It sounds like those contacts are stored on your SIM card. Sailfish would obviously not be pushing this on you.

Duplicate of this?

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Yes, this is surprisingly the solution for me!
Surprising because after deleting the file in .local/share/… and importing the contact details I didn’t see any other contacts and they showed up weeks later.

I have now turned off the viewing of SIM card contacts under settings and all is well.
(To my memory, I hadn’t turned anything on or off there).

I had indeed wondered that Jolla should have smuggled in contacts.

I hope it now remains as I want it! ;-))

The problem is therefore solved.