Unlock for all features and data / Enter PIN

I got a new to me phone (Xperia 10) where I don’t have the PIN code to unlock Android. (The provided numbers failed so far. What is this PIN code).

Question: is it still possible to install Sailfish X on such a device or is it basically dead weight?

Before spending much time to search the internet for answers, I thought I could ask here. Maybe someone knows this situation. Thank you.

See here:
Sailfish X Installation Instructions - Jolla ,

on the right side there is Xperia 10, there click on the image of your computer OS (Windows, Linux, Mac). There are detailled instructions. Good luck!

Thank you for the reply. Yes I know this page.

What I’m unsure, is

  • if in this situation I must use the Emma tool to reinstall Android (9) and if I will be able to run Android afterwards?
  • Or if I can just ignore that I’m unable to login to Android and skip Android testing
  • Or maybe there are other considerations?

Flash without beeing connected to network is not good

i did it once and had.sfos without well, network

you can flash some android image on your.phone, connect to mobile network and do a.phonecalll …
then flash sfos

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Think that you should use Xperia Companion application to reset this pin-locked device, as Emma recognises bootloader unlocked devices for recovery.

Sorry, I don’t quite understand. The phone is unlocked according to the boot message. Does that mean that I can use Emma?

Absolutely, sorry for any confusion here as wasn’t aware already bootloader unlocked.

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Installing Sailfish on an Android phone without a PIN was not a problem. Below some notes (basically what you wrote here and the instructions). As I prefer XA2 this “new” “10peria” is for now a spare device.

Reflash for e.g. Jolla Xperia 10

(had issues with volume-up connection as initially one side of the USB cable was already
attached, both ends must be unattached otherwise it won’t go into e.g. ‘blue-LED-state’)