Unable to use mobile data on Sony Xperia 10 III

Why do you have to enable WiFi in Android settings?
There is one central control in Sailfish.

I don’t know, i only see that it’s disabled there

And did you test if Android apps have internet access, when enabling wifi in SailfishOS?

Yes i tested it and no they don’t have

same for me. new user of sailfish with a brand new sony xperia 10 iii.
no mobile internet connection at all.
in france with french operator “Free”.
work with wifi for both sailfish and android.
placed the sim in the second position and now have mobile internet but still not for android applications for which I have to activate wifi.
very annoying because of some work android applications I have to use (mainly slack, even with wifi, I have problems with google authentication :frowning:
thinking about reverting to plain android but, hey, kinda got attached to this swipe world…
still trying…

[edit] ok mobile internet worked for a few minutes. some time later, not working anymore again for SFOS apps and, of course, also for android ones :frowning:

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Try Clat

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ok then. spend a whole week end reading docs and trying things => complete fail.
my xperia 10 III with the latest official sailfish os can’t have mobile data working except for wifi.
really disapointed.
played with both sim1 and sim2, tried ofono logs.
not tried to suppress the sim pin code as some suggested as I find this solution very strange.
so, still no solution.

[ xperia 10 III ( / official sailfish os / french carrier “Free” 4G/5G enabled ]

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Also XIII on free.fr.
Works only with the voodoo of ‘no PIN required’.
I suspect that waiting for PIN introduces a race condition/delay/who knows what/ that prevents the mobile data from working.
I will try CLAT one day, to see if it makes a difference in two situations:

  • in case the PIN delay affects how the operator allocates IP address.No high hopes here
  • when roaming on OrangeFR 3G/3.5G (I hope/expect CLAT to address it).
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Have you tried the clat plugin for connman like sugedted by @Gordon?

hello miau,

no, didn’t try the clat plugin for conman (and not sure I understand what you mean).
but just read the comment of rtr2001.
tried to deactivate the pin and now works.

ok, my bad. found this solution too strange and it’s actually is the only one which works for me.

SF team, maybe you should add this solution to the mobile data problem Q&A.

We will roll out a 4.5.0 update in the near future, containing the CLAT fix.


Great news, thank you!

For the “PIN required” trick : Tried the CLAT-enabled new relese( => no change compared with past 4.4./4.5.. Mobile data only works with “PIN required” set to “off” .
I have yet to test the 3/3.5G part.

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No change here too, no way to access mobile data on Vodafone IT on the Xperia 10 III.


Carrier: Plus PL, no changes, mobile data doesnt work.

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Let’s continue collecting feedback in tomic’s style (a little bit modified). This time, it is only about Xperia 10 III and Xperia 10 II, using the release (as it has the CLAT). Check the IP version from “Settings > Mobile network > Data access point > Protocol”. Use a 4G network.

    "Country", "Home or Roaming"
    “Provider”, “IP version”, “Phone model”: Solution/Verdict → Speed
Please use “?” as a prefix for unsure, and “?” as a postfix for unknown.
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Italy, Home

- Vodafone, IPv6/Dual, Xperia 10 III: Data not available, limited connectivity displayed, some packets exchanged at the beginning (known via ifconfig) then nothing more, only IPv6 address available.
- Vodafone, IPv4, Xperia 10 III: No connection established (no data arrows shown).
- Iliad, Dual, Xperia 10 III: No problems → LTE.

France, Home

  • RED SFR Dual, Xperia 10 III: Working fine (with all possible setting Dual, IP, IPv6), was already working before (SIM1)
  • Free, Dual, Xperia 10 III: Not working (try Dual, IP, IPv6). (SIM2)
Germany, Home

- Vodafone, IPv6/Dual, Xperia 10 III Data is available
- Vodafone, IPv4, Xperia 10 III: Data available

Swtzerland, Roaming 
- Vodafone, IPv6/Dual, Xperia 10 III Data is available
- Vodafone, IPv4, Xperia 10 III: Data available


Finland, Home

  • Elisa, Dual, Xperia 10 III: Data is available

Greece (Spili, Crete), Roaming

  • vodafone GR, Dual, Xperia 10 III: Data is available (but see below)
  • WIND GR / NOVA, Dual, Xperia III: No data (2,5G (edge), no data arrows)

After device connected this ‘NOVA’ then – in the first times, had to reboot the machine for vodafone connection to get data connection working (data arrows with 4G and 2,5G).

I unchecked Select network automatically to avoid changing from vodafone to nova, but it still did change sometimes (it could be that vodafone was not available at all or something)…

Then I went south to Plakias (that was yesterday), at mediterrian – there vodafone and 4G was consistently available. There, to know better, I “forced” nova from connections menu, and as expected,
data connection was lost – but I could not get it back after rebooting anymore (2.5G w/ vodafone and no data arrows)…

… Now I did the “trick #3”, i.e. disable ofono, rm …/ofono/* and reboot… and got vodafone 4G and data arrows back.

Great, I thought, problem soloved… but not so fast – when got back
to Spili, and in a place where vodafone signal was not strong enough (or so I think), phone connected to this ‘WIND GR’ – which
then converted to ‘NOVA’ and data connection lost. Now even reboot did not help, had to the trick #3 again.

Today I have done the trick #3 another 2 times. I am not sure if all of those were necessary. Last I did 1/2 hours ago – after that w/ vodafone I had 2,5G and no arrows – but I just got a message (phone in wifi), but noticed 4G (and after disabling wifi, data arrows)

I’ve tried everything I could imagine to get the data connection up without rebooting, sim2 on sim1 off sim1 on again – which may be quite same as toggling flight mode. I also tried sim2 slot but there was no difference. sailfish utilities network restart and systemctl ofono restart were tried, and so on…

I have quite a few screenshots taken from settings view and from CellMon screens, if these are of any help. I’ve also redirected dmesg outputs to files (10 of those in last few days).

I am soon heading back home (sunday), and there network just works for me. But while I am here I could try to collect more useful data if I’d know what to do…