Unable to send MMS

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product):
HARDWARE (XA2, X10, X10 II, …): X10
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Unable to send MMS


have working mms setup - device should be able to receive mms


  1. go to gallery
  2. select preloaded image, the one with the camera film
  3. send it using mms


mms has been sent


mms not sent, from mms logger: MMSC error code 130, I’ve been able to spot on some screen an info for a short period saying: Data to big.


2021-09-29 21:19:14 [mms-ofono] Interface: rmnet_data1
2021-09-29 21:19:14 [mms-connection-nemo] Interface: rmnet_data1
2021-09-29 21:19:14 [mms-ofono] Context /ril_0/context2 is active
2021-09-29 21:19:14 [mms-connection-nemo] Connection 260060016473053 opened
2021-09-29 21:19:14 [mms-dispatcher] 260060016473053 OPEN
2021-09-29 21:19:14 [mms-dispatcher] Send[8] NEED_CONNECTION
2021-09-29 21:19:14 [mms-task-http] MMS interface address
2021-09-29 21:19:14 [mms-task-http] MMS proxy
2021-09-29 21:19:14 [mms-task-http] /tmp/mms_PSs9ev/mms2021-09-29T211844/msg/8/m-send.req (528320 bytes) → → /tmp/mms_PSs9ev/mms2021-09-29T211844/msg/8/m-send.conf
2021-09-29 21:19:14 [mms-transfer-list] Transfer /msg/8/Send started
2021-09-29 21:19:14 [mms-task] Send[8] NEED_CONNECTION → TRANSMITTING
2021-09-29 21:19:14 [mms-transfer-list] Update flags => 0x11
2021-09-29 21:19:14 [mms-ofono] Settings.Netmask:
2021-09-29 21:19:16 [mms-task-http] HTTP status 200 [application/vnd.wap.mms-message] 24 byte(s)
2021-09-29 21:19:16 [mms-task] Send[8] TRANSMITTING → DONE
2021-09-29 21:19:16 [mms-transfer-list] Transfer /msg/8/Send finished
2021-09-29 21:19:16 [mms-task-send] ERROR: MMSC responded with 130
2021-09-29 21:19:16 [mms-dispatcher] Send[8] DONE

You may look in the message application settings (settings → app → message) the size that is declared for MMS and try a smaller value ? If this is indeed a size error, it may help.

His not the first one that has problems with sending MMS from Polish network Play.

From Play website:

Wiadomości MMS (APN MMS)

  • punkt dostępu (apn): mms
  • uwierzytelnianie: brak
  • nazwa użytkownika: brak
  • hasło: brak
  • strona główna: http://mmsc.play.pl/mms/wapenc
  • adres serwera proxy: brak
  • port: brak

This “* adres serwera proxy: brak” means “No proxy needed” but from his logs “2021-09-29 21:19:14 [mms-task-http] MMS proxy”

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You won! It was that, didn’t thought it would be related, thought sailfish will take care about it automatically. Thanks!

Tbh I saw only in one place that info “data to big” can’t remember when, would be great to get this also in the mms view and not just some general error. Maybe even a hint to lower the setting? Hopefully someone from Jolla will check this and maybe implement.