Unable to access certificates


[Not sure if this belongs here but for me its a system issue]

I am using the Fahrplan app on a Jolla1. Sometime in the last few months the app stopped working for me reporting an error with the data source. After a lot of digging it turns out that the application is unable to find the root certificates, the ca list in the ssl configuration (accessed trough QNetworkRequest) is empty! However, the settings app shows that the certificates are available. A post on jollausers.de talked about “strange” looking named *.0 in the global certificate directory. For a test I moved these links away and then the fahrplan app works since now the application suddenly has certificates in the ssl configuration.
Unfortunately removing the links from the certificate directory has an unwanted side effect: the comment function of the store app stops working. The app reports there is an error with the store communication. Putting the links back cures this issues but then the fahrplan app does not work.

I am looking for suggestions how the fix the ca problem for the fahrplan app properly. FWIW, a simple test program using QNetworkAccessManager and QNetworkRequest shows the same behaviour on the Jolla1. It does not work with the *.0 links in place, but works as expected without the links. Surprisingly the test application works in the simulator. I am using an (very) old SDK release (1511). But afaict this is not relevant for the described issue.




You could try this solution for now to fix the issue: https://together.jolla.com/question/116423/certificate-problems-on-new-jolla/?answer=171170#post-id-171170

Also on the Fahrplan app has comment that “pkcon install ca-certificates” should be enough.


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