[Ukrainian] Translation is ready for release

With the help of @Bohdan and @moi_kot_lybit_moloko, the current version of the :ukraine: Ukrainian translation is finished. @sledges @flypig I would like to request to add it to the next release if it’s possible. I could prepare an actual RPM package if I have to. The one on openrepos.net is outdated.


Thanks @nemishkor for your and @Bohdan’s amazing work. I think @sledges is the right person to handle this.

Is that correct @sledges, or do we need to let someone else know?


This is amazing!
I’ve been testing this on device and got a couple of comments.


The string does not fit under the Top menu switch (on Xperia 10 III), suggestion to shorten it to “Місце”.

Flight mode

The string does not fit under the Top menu switch, suggested to shorten it to “В літаку”.
And these are for consistency: here and here.


I’ve also tested available keyboard. Are you happy with it? I’d suggest to move the Hryvnia symbol out from the accents of Г to replace the generic currency symbol ¤.
Will then integrate it internally and prepare for the next release together with translations.


Hello @sledges, I agree with all the suggestions, including the suggested ₴ symbol position. Yes, would be great to have it instead of ¤.
Thank you!